Help with query - anyone??

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Subject: Help with query - anyone??
Posted by:  legenda (disp…
Date: 18 Aug 2006

I have 3 tables,

first table is
CRT with crtID and crtNAME parameters, second table is
CRTP with crtpID and crtpNAME parameters and third is
FORM with crtpID and crtID parameters.

Third table joins parameters from other two whit their keys - crtpID
and crtID.

My question is how to make query to list crtNAME and crtpNAME in my

For example FORM contains,

crtpID, crtID
001, 005
002, 005
003, 007

I want to list names associated to those ID-s joined in third table...

I hope that you understand me - thanks very much for any help.