okay, I'm frustrated....how do I

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Subject: okay, I'm frustrated....how do I
Posted by:  a_dba_used_to_oracle (yattwo…@yahoo.com)
Date: 21 Aug 2006

Greetings, all!

  I've searched the MS SQL Server Books Online and this group.

  I've been doing Oracle on UNIX for 12+ years, and now I have some SQL
Server databases.

  I've discovered the INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables (just like the good ol'
dba_* views in

  I've figured out how to use SQL2005 Management Studio.

  What'd I'd like to know is - can SQL Server be used to write SQL like
Oracle can; e.g:

spool csyn.sql
set heading off
set pagesize 6000

select 'CREATE PUBLIC SYNONYM '||table_name||' FOR
from dba_tables where owner='SYSADM';

spool off

In SQL*Plus, the above will create a script to create public synonyms
for tables in a PeopleSoft database (tables in PeopleSoft multiply like
Tribbles in a storage bin of quadrotriticale...).

Yah, GUI's are fine....until you have thousands and thousands of tables
to deal with!

Thanks ever so much