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Subject: User authentication
Posted by:  Ted (r.ted.bye…
Date: 21 Aug 2006

I have figured out how to use MS SQL Server Management Studio for SQL
Server 2005, including how to create users.

At my client's offices, on my own LAN (a one man office with two
computers in a peer to peer LAN - machines running the professional
edition of WXP), and on my colleagues computers (stand alone
notebooks), SQL Server was installed allowing both local and remote
connections, and support for both Windows and SQL Server

At my client's offices, both local and remote connections work.  On our
respective notebook computer/workstations only local connections work,
unless we're connecting to our client's network, in which case remote
connections work.

So far, it would seem all is well.  However, there are two issues.

1) With regard to local connections on our notebooks, I can connect to
the default server using SQLCMD without specifying any command line
arguments, while my colleages have to specify at least the machine and
server name.  I don't understand why.

2) On my peer to peer LAN, MS SQL Server Management Studio can not find
the other machine that is running SQL Server, and using SQLCMD, I can't
connect to the other server when I provide the proper credentials for a
user I set up on it to use SQL Server authentication.  What should I
look at in order to find out why this is and how to fix it?