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Subject: Max Row Date
Posted by:  Skip (mike_sylvest…
Date: 22 Aug 2006

I am reposting this from another group, because I had no responses.

I need to get the max row date from the following query. There is a
date field in rcompl.date_time. There can be several rows identical
except the date_time in which I need only the max of those rows. Thanks

select rcompl.*,fastener_database.dbo.fastener_db_working.*
FROM Rcompl LEFT OUTER JOIN fastener_database.dbo.fastener_db_working
substring(Rcompl.hole_name,1,len(Rcompl.hole_name)-2) =
fastener_db_working.[Serial Number]
where len(hole_name)>2 and status<>'5' and program_id in (select
program_id from nc_programs where job_id =@job_id)