Setting up scheduled jobs for different days with different intervals

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Subject: Setting up scheduled jobs for different days with different intervals
Posted by:  teddysni…
Date: 23 Aug 2006


My client wants me to implement a system to allow e-mails to be sent to
their customers on a timed basis.  For example:

Day:  Monday
Start  00:30
Interval 30 mins

Day:  Sunday
Start  00:30
Interval 60 mins

In the past I've successfully implemented an e-mail notification that
runs once a day as a scheduled job.

My first thought for this new system would be to have seven different
jobs, one for each day of the week, to reflect different start times
and interval settings.

However the client, who has a little knowledge of these things, seems
to want something that will run more like a Windows Service, using some
sort of configuration file or database table to determine the day, and
therefore the start time and interval for the job.  This will, of
course, have the benefit of only changing configuration parameters in
one place, rather than having to open and edit seven jobs.  In
addition, if this were done from a table, one could provide an
interface to allow non-technical users to make changes.

Anyone any thoughts?  I realise I've been somewhat vague - I don't have
any problems with the internals of formatting and sending the e-mails,
only the best way to schedule it.