Table Query Timeout Problem very specific

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Subject: Table Query Timeout Problem very specific
Posted by:  msmiā€¦
Date: 23 Aug 2006

MSSQL Server 2000 SP3  in both houston and memphis

I have a database in houston, lets call it RED.  Specific tables from
database RED are copied to database BLUE.  Database BLUE is then backed
up, ftp'd to memphis and restored.  In memphis there is a single table
in this database that will not open in enterprise manager when you
choose to open all rows you get a generic ODBC timeout error no numbers
just simply "TIMEOUT".

If I log into the servers in houston and open the table from database
RED or BLUE there is no issue.  I can however return up to 66,199 rows
without an error.  If i choose a number higher than this i get the
timeout error.  I discovered I could run a query

Select Distinct * from f0911

and it would display all my data.  I am able to export the data from
the table using this query to a csv file and reimport the data into a
table and it works just fine.

I built another sql 2000 server  SP4 and there is no issue with the
table in the database when it is restored there.  I have also tried
restoring as a different database name on the production (sql 2000 sp3)
server to no avail.

I can't figure out why this single table is not functioning properly in
the one instance of sql 2000.

If anyone has any ideas please share them, I'm running out myself.  I'm
obviously very new at sql database administration and would appreciate
any advice.

Also, i don't believe the issue has to do with timeout countdowns.
Everywhere i could change them (Enterprise manager and SQL Server
itself)  they are set to unlimited if possible.  I also don't see how
the problem could be related to the service pack of the sql server,
seeing as although it works on the sp4 server in my possession it still
works just fine on the sp3 server in houston.


Michael Smith