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Subject: Re: Counting the occurence of a string ...
Posted by:  Erland Sommarskog (esqu…
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006

DaFerg (da… writes:
> I have a weblog database where I want to count the occurences of a
> table of string values that appear in all the urls viewed.
> My tblWebLog as a field that contains the url ...
> tblWebLog.[cs-uri-stem]
> I have another table ... tblStrings ... that has a field [strSearch]
> for a string value and an integer field [intViewCount] to count the
> occurence of the string in tblWebLog.[cs-uri-stem]
> I've been trying ...
> Update tblStrings
> Set [intViewCount] = (Select Count(*) From tblWebLog Where
> [cs-uri-stem] Like '%_' + tblStrings.[strSearch] + '.htm%')
> ... but it doesn't fly and I'm stumped. Any thoughts?

Your query make sense in relation to your description, but then again I
may be misunderstanding something.

For this sort of question, it helps if you post:

o  CREATE TABLE statements for your tables.
o  INSERT statements with sample data.
o  The desired result given the sample.

This helps to clarify what you are looking for, and it makes it possible
to copy and paste and develop a tested solution.

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