database size vs. its performance

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Subject: database size vs. its performance
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Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2008

Hi all,

Could you please advise whether there are documents describing impact of
MS SQL server 2005 database size on its performance? I have essentially
two things in mind when writing the "database size":
1.) number of records stored within the database (e.g. one customer's
account with 5,000 records vs. another account with 500,000 records.)

2.) physical database size (amount of data written to a disk volume) -
e.g. one database of 10GB versus another of 1TB. My guess is that the
10GB database will outperform the large one, but I was wondering whether
there are methods to measure / quantify this.

Please let me know what are some good articles to read on this topic.

Thank you.