A simple tool to save and retrieve easily many simple documents ?

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Subject: A simple tool to save and retrieve easily many simple documents ?
Posted by:  nioski (nioskid…@yahoo.it)
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2008

We are a small pharmaceutical company and we have to gather many
documents and to be able to retrieve them quickly as needed.

Documents are

1- Scientific pubblications and studies, Clinical studies, saved web
pages, etc. (most are: .doc, .pdf, .ppt, .xls ecc.). All are currently
just saved on a simple (windows) directories.

2-  e-mails arriving on a single Outlook account

The search can be made months or even years after they are saved.

Maybe the users only inputs Author, Name of the pharmaceutical product
or Active principle and the system should expose all the documents

The system should then be able:
- to automatically index all files,
- to let users add specific keywords to a document while saving it,
- to group documents in significant clusters (e.g. find and show ONLY
all the documents having a product name)

Should also be easy to use (and as quick as possible... but this is
not a major issue)

Users are only 3-4 people.

Documents can be 1000-2000 per year, emails like 20.000 /year.

I will evaluate any product that any of you has used and is really

I imagine something like Google Desktop, just more powerful and
customizable and with some interfaces to other document DBs.

Thank you so much :-)