Is the Studio Manager extensible

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Subject: Is the Studio Manager extensible
Posted by:  Dom (dolivast…
Date: Sat, 2 Oct 2010

Is the Studio Manager extensible?  That is, can I write a program and
"embed" it in the Manager somehow?

This is what I have in mind.  I want a window, the "Extended
Properties Viewer", that will show the extended properties (headers
and comments) of a table when I click on the table in the object
explorer.  I know I can check the EP by clicking on properties, then
extended properties, but it takes a long time to come up, and I can't
move to a different table until I close out of it.  I like to put
important information about the table in the EP, such as the script
that created the file, the meaning of certain fields, important things
to remember when you join the table, or the text file that I used to
bcp-create it, etc.