causes of sniped connections (newbie-ish)

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Subject: causes of sniped connections (newbie-ish)
Posted by:  dext…
Date: 9 Dec 2002


i know next to nothing about oracle server, so please forgive me if this
is an obvious question.

i'm in the process of developing a java application that makes use of an
oracle database (among others) using jdbc.  the oracle servers are spread
out and have different admins.  the admin for the local server informs me
that connections created from my app are showing up as 'sniped' on some
of the servers.

1) what exactly does this mean?  (something to do with timeouts and/or
overuse of resources i gather...)

2) is there any way for my program to detect (and correct) this?

3) is there (very likely) something that i may be doing wrong to cause
this?  (not closing a result set or some such...)

4) anything else i should know?

it's a problem because these 'sniped' connections block the creation
of additional connections (due to those servers imposing low connection
limits).  this forces me to restart my app in order that other processes
may run.

thanks muchly for any input.