Cannot log into Oracle Management Server.

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Subject: Cannot log into Oracle Management Server.
Posted by:  Frank Jiang (frank_z…
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002

When I login to the Oracle Management Server I got error screen:

VTK-1000: Unable to connect to the management server puma. PLease verify
that you have entered the correct host name and the status of the Oracle
Mangement Server.

I am running Window2000 Server and Oracle 9i downloaded from Oracle website.
After installation, I create OEM repository using Enterprise Manager
Configuration Assistant. Then I can login Oracle Management Server using
SYSMAN/oem_temp. I was prompted to change SYS and SYSTEM password for
database. I did. I don't remember if I changed the SYSMAN/oem_temp. Now I
can not login Oracle Management Server anymore after I login the first time.

Any help?
Thank you for posting in the holidays. Happy New Year.

Frank Jiang