bad performance with sqlplus on solaris

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Subject: bad performance with sqlplus on solaris
Posted by:  computer person (fake_addre…
Date: Fri, 02 Jan 2004


We are migrating our systems from aix4.3.3 to solaris8. During migration we
noticed that the sqlplus queries take a lot longer with the Solaris client
then with the aix sqlplus. This was proved by running the same query against
the solaris db server from a solaris client and aix and tabulating the

We found 1 thing that slowed it down and adjusted the SQL accordingly. The
LINESIZE was set real high even though the result set was only 250 bytes max
(columns). This yielded very good results but we are looking for some more
improvment, if possible.

Any stories of people that use SQLPLUS on solaris and have gone through some
tuning with the client and got good results? Looks like our db server is
working well with exception of this.