Somebody help me - FBI is torturing me for 2.5 yrs

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Subject: Somebody help me - FBI is torturing me for 2.5 yrs
Posted by:  anybodyma…
Date: 9 Jan 2004

The FBI has been harassing and mentally torturing me for
two and half years since around Oct 01. The FBI has installed
gps tracking devices in my car, tracked me like an animal,
wire tapped my phone and has been monitoring all my web surfing
activities for 2.5yrs and completely dehumanized me.
The FBI agents have been following me 24X7X60X60 everywhere
including grocery stores, retail stores, malls, restaurants and movie
theaters. The FBI agents who were following me have at times
verbally and racially abused me in retail store and grocery store
parking lots by shouting at me inanities.
One FBI agent once tried to ram into my car from behind with a
comcast van and came within one inch of hitting me from behind.
There was no traffic altercation between us and there was no
traffic on the road. The FBI agent in the comcast van never tried
to overtake me and was very angry at me and hated me for no reason.
I have been unemployed for close to 3 yrs and When I send resumes
to potential employers, the sadistic FBI agents who were monitoring
my email and websurfing, have been badmouthing and assasinating my
character with recruiters and jeopardizing my job opportunities
for the last 2.5 yrs.
The FBI has been interfering in my personal life for no reason.
The FBI has completely destroyed and denied me any sort
of privacy for 2.5 yrs. Each and every word I type and post on
the web is being monitored and each and every email tapped.
The sadistic FBI has forced me to live like a virtual prisoner
for 2.5 yrs with zero privacy and 24 hr real time video focused
on me. I cant talk to friends, family members and prospective
employers without the fear of being over heard and recorded.
I am afraid of doing everything and anything without fear.

I am not a terrorist. I am not even a muslim. I dont have
any muslim friends. I am not a drug smuggler. I did not kill
anybody. I did not threaten to kill anybody.  I dont have a
record like gottis or escobars. I do not have any prior
criminal record. Why should I suffer all this harassment and
constant loss of privacy for such an extended period of time.
I feel completely naked infront of the world and it has been
like that for a couple of years.
I am not familiar with US legal system that much. Can somebody
tell me why the sadistic FBI has such ridiculous
amount of power to harass and mentally torture me. WHy do the
FBI has the right to think they are God and they are always right.
WHy should my life depend on what the FBI thinks of me. Why should
I be put through so much pain and suffering. Why do the FBI has the
right to deny me privacy for so long.  Who gave the FBI the right to
in my personal life and bad mouth and assasinate my character with
potential employers. Why are the FBI agents telling employers not
to hire me. As it is, it is very difficult to find a job in this
economy and whatever few opportunities I get are being screwed
by these fbi sadists.
On what basis, the FBI installed a gps device in my car and tracking
me like an animal. On what basis did the FBI wire tap my phone.
On what basis did the FBI tap and monitor my web activities
and email for 2.5 yrs. I feel as if I was put in a 6x6 cell with
24X7 video focused on me and fbi agents standing around the cell
and constantly poking me with sticks.
One undercover FBI agent sent an email and called me a dumbass.
His email is sfran… and his ebay id is spodekmodek.

Lot of FBI agents are harrassing me 24X7 in vehilces with michigan
title plates UFX 210 (white SUV), XRA 155 (black car), BOGEY 27 (black
car), PPL 587 (red car).

Assume everything I said is true and somebody with legal knowledge
and expertise help me out here.
I do not have access to and usenet news groups. I
would appreciate if somebody can do a cut and paste this into
and news groups.