ORA-01031 after moving repository

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Subject: ORA-01031 after moving repository
Posted by:  Franz Langner (franzlangn…@gmx.de)
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004

Hello world,

I'm running Oracle on Linux Environment. 2 Disks  are dedicated
für OfA purposes.

To train and test Rman for backup/recovery i set up an OEM-repository
beside an existing database 'hr'.

The repository has been placed in an new database.

This was done by emca. After creation  all files were placed in
$ORACLE_BASE/oradata/OEMREP, which didn't match ofa structure :-(

So I shut down Oracle, moved all files into their target directories,
edited Pfile to hit the new location of  *.ctl files
and performed " startup  mount "  via sqlplus "sys as sysdba".

Next I altered the Database by renaming files to the new location.
Every rename was successfull.
After doing that I shutdown Oracle and reboot the whole system.
Logging on by sqlplus "/ as Sysdba" works.

Following things results even in OEM, connected via OMS as if standalone
as in sqlplus:
Connecting / starting up / logging as "sys/mypwd@oemrep as sysdba"
delivers "ORA-01031:Insufficient priviliges"
Even the "System" account doesn't work properly

Having a look onto using standalone OEM it seems like no changes had
been registered. All storage-parameters of th included datafiles points
to the old value.

What went wrong?


Franz Langner