Archive records with relationships

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Subject: Archive records with relationships
Posted by:  Ole Laurisch (OIe.Lauris…
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004

Hi at all,

I have a complex database structure with many tables. But let's simplify the
whole thing. Let us presume that we have this three tables A, B and C.


where "1----------n" are 1:n relations.

Now the application will add thousands of records per day in these tables.
Therefor we need to archive records that are no longer needed.

Now the user can specify to archive some records (by a filter) from the
table B.

How could we handle the problem, that there are references now pointing from
a record in table A to a record in table B, which might not be existing any

One opportunity is not to delete the records in table B, but replacing them
with null-values (all except the key values). But that could neither be the
only nor the best solution, could it?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks in advance!