Many Small Oracle Databases

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Subject: Many Small Oracle Databases
Posted by:  cdavis107…
Date: 21 Jan 2004


I manage Oracle/UNIX and MS-SQL Server databases in a large company.

For smaller databases (100MB - 10GB) I always give the developer a SQL
Server database since it it very quick and easy to create on a shared
SQL Server that already has many other databases on it.  The Oracle
databases are mostly very large SAP instances.

But today I was challenged to give a reason why I do not give out lots
of small Oracle/UNIX databases.  I am formulating a business strategy
for choosing the DBMS to use for apps.

I am asking what other DBAs are doing?

Are you creating individuals Oracle SIDs for all kinds of small
databases for deparmental apps?

Do you have one large-ish Oracle SID that you create multiple schemas
in for each "separate" database request that you get?

I'd sure appreciate hearing how DBAs working in a large enterprise
handle this.

Many thanks.