Snapshot Logs without Snapshots?

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Subject: Snapshot Logs without Snapshots?
Posted by:  katrzy…
Date: 26 Jan 2004

Greetings all.  I'm wondering if anyone has tried to use Snapshot Logs
without actually setting up a Snapshot.  Here's my situation, and bear
in mind that I'm a datawarehouse designer with substantial ETL
experience against Oracle, but not an actual Oracle DBA.

We're creating a datamart with Oracle as the source.  There are
multiple locations around the world so there's no true down time for a
mart load, and we need relatively current (but not real time) data.
So we're trying to implement a changed data capture using snapshot
logging but we have no real need or desire for true replicated
snapshots.  But from what I can tell, the snapshot log date
(SNAPTIME$$) is always the 1/1/4000 unless it's been updated by the
actual snapshot, which we don't have.  We were hoping to use that
SNAPTIME$$ as a timestamp but it doesn't look that way.  So we're
casting about, trying to figure some way to make the snapshot log
capture the true SYSDATE of when the log record gets written, rather
than the default 1/1/4000.

Any thoughts out there?  All information, guesses, or just plain
noodling gratefully pondered.

K Brown