Re: Snapshot Logs without Snapshots?

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Subject: Re: Snapshot Logs without Snapshots?
Posted by:  Daniel Morgan (damorg…
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004

K Brown wrote:

> Greetings all.  I'm wondering if anyone has tried to use Snapshot Logs
> without actually setting up a Snapshot.  Here's my situation, and bear
> in mind that I'm a datawarehouse designer with substantial ETL
> experience against Oracle, but not an actual Oracle DBA.
> We're creating a datamart with Oracle as the source.  There are
> multiple locations around the world so there's no true down time for a
> mart load, and we need relatively current (but not real time) data.
> So we're trying to implement a changed data capture using snapshot
> logging but we have no real need or desire for true replicated
> snapshots.  But from what I can tell, the snapshot log date
> (SNAPTIME$$) is always the 1/1/4000 unless it's been updated by the
> actual snapshot, which we don't have.  We were hoping to use that
> SNAPTIME$$ as a timestamp but it doesn't look that way.  So we're
> casting about, trying to figure some way to make the snapshot log
> capture the true SYSDATE of when the log record gets written, rather
> than the default 1/1/4000.
> Any thoughts out there?  All information, guesses, or just plain
> noodling gratefully pondered.
> Thanks,
> K Brown

Why not use DBMS_JOB and let SYSDATE or SYSTIMESTAMP provide the date
and time?

Daniel Morgan
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