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Subject: Re: Oracle For Fun
Posted by:  Cris Carampa (cris1…
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004

Daniel Morgan wrote:

> Everyone using 8i+ features should be able to improve the performance of
> this by at least 5X.

I always thought the best way to do that was:

  (owner, object_name, subobject_name, object_id,
  data_object_id, object_type, created, last_ddl_time,
  timestamp, status, temporary, generated, secondary)
  x.owner, x.object_name, x.subobject_name, x.object_id,
  x.data_object_id, x.object_type, x.created,
  x.last_ddl_time, x.timestamp, x.status, x.temporary,
  x.generated, x.secondary
  all_objects x ;

But since this construct was already available in Oracle7 I'm surely wrong.

Perhaps are there performance benefits in using BULK clauses and arrays

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