ora-01843 client problem

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Subject: ora-01843 client problem
Posted by:  strep…@yahoo.co.uk
Date: 28 Jan 2004

We are installing an application using the oracle 9i database.

When we try to connect the client to the application we get the error
ora-01834 - date format not valid.

The client communicates with the application/database using microsoft
odbc and the oracle client.

I'm not sure where to look to start the investigation as I'm not sure
where the dependancies are on the client and server. The client pc is
windows 2000. The server is UNIX.

- do the environment settings on the pc impact the flow of data
between client and server ?
- if so, how ? is it the case that the environment settings on your pc
client affect the odbc settings ?
- should i concern myself with the environment variable settings in
control panel or the ones in the registry ? there are enviromnent
settings relating to the oracle client in the registry. is that
somwhere to look ?
- can i operate odbc in some sort of debug mode to see what data is
being transferred when it is used as a communication medium ?

I need to solve this problem pretty urgently but am also genuinely
interested in understanding the process involved (not the best time to
start learning). any help/advice or pointers towards documentation
would be most appreciated!