Rman question - recover after a delete obsolete?

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Subject: Rman question - recover after a delete obsolete?
Posted by:  shoad3…@hotmail.com
Date: 1 Mar 2004


  Currently we backup our 8.1.7 and databases using RMAN to
disk.  WE have a retention policy of 1.  Since the filesystem is
backed up to tape nightly, before we run the next backup we remove the
old rman backup.

Some of the DBA's run a delete obsolete in their nightly routine but I
haven't because i'm not actually sure of the consequences.  Lets say
there's a problem and a user requests a copy of the database from 2
weeks ago.  If the retention was 1 and a delete obsolete was executed
will we be able to recover using the catalog?  My gut tells me no
because were deleting all information about the backup from the

I'd rather disable the retention policy within rman.. Then if we had
to restore from a few weeks previous all you would have to do is run a

We don't backup directly to tape, we don't have enough disk space to
hold enough backups for the retention users require so we rely on the
backup group's tape retention policy to satisfy our needs.  So say
nightly we run a backup, then a delete obsolete and 2 days from now
need to restore, even tho we have restored the datafiles from tape
will we be able to reocover?  Would the recover process be different?
Should we be marking backups as keep or disable the retention policy
in rman?