Oracle 9iR2 backup/recovery problem

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Subject: Oracle 9iR2 backup/recovery problem
Posted by:  Klaus (news_holg…
Date: 31 Mar 2004

Hi, i have some problems testing backup/recovery.
- database is in archivelog mode.
- i did a hot backup (rman) of the whole database and
  of the archivelogs to a disk file (controlfile
  autobackup is on).

I tried to check, if the restore process is working
in the following way:
- I set up an new system on a different pc
- i created a database using oradim
- i used rman to recover (without catalog)
  * startup nomount
  * set dbid...
  * restore controlfile from autobackup
  * restore database
  * recover database
Recover database succeeds with a warning message saying
"cannot find archivelog file thread 1 sequence 512".

So my questions are:
- how can i determine what archivelog file seems to be missing?
- how can i find the name/location of the backup file required?
- if i don't actually have the requested archivelogs, how can
  i reset the database so i will be able to open it (i already
  tried: recover database until sequence 512 thread 1; which
  results in: ora-01194 datafile 2 (undotbs01.ora) requires
  additional recovery)?

Thanks for your help,