undo management vs. rollback segments in 9i

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Subject: undo management vs. rollback segments in 9i
Posted by:  Rob (ro…@physics.umd.edu)
Date: Thu, 01 Apr 2004

Apparently 9i has a new parameter
undo_management = AUTO or MANUAL
for redo log files

Does anyone have any experience using the new type of rollback segments
and do they work well?
Also if Oracle does the work does it put the RBS on SYSTEM tablespace
and can it be moved to non system tablespaces after your DB is created.

If not are all the old ways of doing things the same?  ie

Startup nomount with a parameter file with RB1 thru RBn commented out

create instance and database
create another system RBS an bring online
run catalog.sql/catproc.sql
create tablespaces ( including RBS tablespace )
create RBS1 ....RBSn on RBS tablespace
bring RB1 online
bring RB0 ( system tablespace ) offline
shutdown instance
startup with new parameter file with RB1...RBn uncommented bringing them

Has this changed in any way



University of Maryland