OUI problem

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Subject: OUI problem
Posted by:  rufus (…@hoome.com)
Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2004

Hi ,
i am having a problem with the oracle universal installer, i am upgrading
Oracle from verson 8.. to version 9.2  , i have successfully upgrade my DEV
system , now i am trying to upgrade my TST system , the upgrade work fine
using OUI , now i am trying to apply the first patch , again using OUI ,
first step it asked me to do  when i run OUI is to upgrade to , it
runs , but it does not do anything , when i  look at the OUI version  it
says , but when i try to run step 2 , the applying o the path, it
says , you have to have OUI  ( catch-22 ) . everything was fine
when i upgraded DEV , which sits on the same  Box ( IBM AIX) .

the first install must have set a parameter somewhere and  now OUI is
confused or is it me .

Any ideas anybody