Windows, ODBC, Oracle, Redirect Packet

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Subject: Windows, ODBC, Oracle, Redirect Packet
Posted by:  CH (thatnetguy20…
Date: 7 Apr 2004

Sorry for 2 posts... Posting hadnt shown up so could not do a followup
yet... more info after looking at other posts... Re the problem
described in my other post (same subject)...  Both clients on same
switch in same cubicle.  No firewall involved.  The redirect info from
the server is similar in both cases (working and non-working).  The IP
address provided in the redirect packet is visable to both clients
(only the port changes).  I saw where some servers can return an IP
that is not reachable.  Thought I'd throw this in as well.  I don't
have direct access to the server as it is remote from here.  Only to
the client(s) and a sniffer.