Autostart of Oracle Under Win2K

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Subject: Autostart of Oracle Under Win2K
Posted by:  Les (lesspar…
Date: 14 Apr 2004


I thought I understood how the passwords and password file works in
Oracle, but yesterday I found out that I do not.  Any insight into the
following situation would be greatly appreciated.

My Oracle server is version 8.0.5 and it is running on Windows 2000
Server, SP 4.

I changed the passwords on my SYSTEM and SYS accounts in Oracle via
Security Manager.  I later found that my database was not auto
starting after reboot.  I could start Oracle and open the instance
using svrmgr.  Once I manually started the database, my applications
worked fine.  Then it hit me that I did not change the password in the
strt<sid>.cmd file.  I opened the cmd file and found the password
being passed by the usrpwd parameter was my old SYSTEM account
password.  I changed the password to my new SYSTEM account password
and rebooted.  No luck.  I changed my SYSTEM and SYS passwords back to
what they were before and edited the strt<sid>.cmd file and then
rebooted.  No luck.

This system is not yet in production and I have a cold backup of all
database files, including PWD<sid>.ORA, from about a week ago out on
another disk.  I made a copy of my current database files and then
restored the backup copy of the database files.  No luck.  Since I was
no better off with the backup copy of the database, I restored my
current database.  I made several changes to the database in the past
week and did not want to loose these changes.

It then dawned on me, for some reason, to copy the PWD<sid>.ORA file
from my standby server.  This installation consists of a hot server
that is running and an identical server that is in standby mode.  The
two have identical software.  I had changed the Oracle passwords on
the hot server but not the standby server.  I copied the PWD<sid>.ORA
file from the standby server to the hot server and rebooted.  The
database auto started.

Now that I have the database back to where I was before I changed the
passwords, I would like to change the passwords again.  It appears I
have to change the passwords in the PWD<sid>.ORA file independent of
the passwords changed via Security Manager.  Is this correct?