proc won't compile - privilege issue?

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Subject: proc won't compile - privilege issue?
Posted by:  niz (n…
Date: 26 Apr 2004

i have a proc, sp_moveacct, in the SLIME schema, which doesnt compile.
when trying to compile it with the SLIME user, it gives this error:

On line:  11
PLS-00201: identifier 'LEMON.EXTERNAL_ID_ACCT_MAP' must be declared

so it seems it can't see lemon.external_id_acct_map table. but it can!
that table has select/insert/delete/update permissions to LEMONROLE
role (a role SLIME belongs to), and the SLIME user has a private
synonym on this table.

i'm sure there is some obvious oracle thing i'm missing but i can't
see what it is....

here is the proc code:

CREATE OR REPLACE procedure sp_MoveAcct (ExtId varchar,
            ExtIdType int,
            FromServerId varchar,
            ToServerId varchar) is
    actn number(10);
    r_ctr number;

    select account_no into actn from external_id_acct_map
        where external_id = ExtId
        and external_id_type = ExtIdType;