character set weirdness and .NET

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Subject: character set weirdness and .NET
Posted by:  Greg Shaw (
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2004

I have been searching high and low without success.
I have an Oracle 7 DB (stop laughing). I am not the DBA. It is
what I have been given to work with. It's NLS_CHARACTERSET from
I read the data using OraOleDb.Oracle (the Oracle supplied OleDb
provider) into a .NET program I have written.
When I run the program on my development machine the text reads
and displays properly. I had no idea I had a problem until I go to
install it on a client machine and they get all text displayed
as vertical bars. One guy even gets Chinese characters.
I have built a WinXP environment for testing and it exhibits the

Obviously, the problem is that these other machines don't have
some character set file installed on them that I have somehow
managed to get installed on mine.

I actually don't care about the character set file. I just want
to read text out of the DB. The same text that was loaded into it
would be a bonus. How do I make the DB deliver text in a known
character set that is easily interpreted?

I will even reload the data with a given character set if I need
to just make the pain stop.

Thanks for listening, Greg.