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Subject: Niall's OMLET Pages:
Posted by:  omlet v4 (teraknowledgesyste…
Date: 6 Dec 2004

A word on comments. The ability to comment has been removed for the
time being. I wished to avoid this, but Amjad Daoud of the University
of Petra repeatedly abused the anonymous posting setup to advertise
his rather poor product. I expect to provide this functionality again
shortly, but in such a manner that will allow me to remove unwanted
and inappropriate material from the site.

Part of the process of scientific dialog, and progress is the ability
to publicly discuss and critique comments and ideas. This is a
fundamental basis for progress. I have to say I find it sad that a
member of an academic institution would abuse this process for
personal financial gain. I will never censor criticism and discussion
of Oracle, RDBMS systems or related ideas. Product advertising however
will get short shrift.