ORA-00020 with orphaned processes

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Subject: ORA-00020 with orphaned processes
Posted by:  Dom (post.to.gro…@newsgroup.com)
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2004

RDBMS Version: 7.3.4
OS: NT 4 SPa

Is there any way to keep a log of v$session (or similar) so I can try and
track what is causing our ORA-00020 problem (our 7.3.4 db which was running
fine now seems to max out at 500 orphaned processes after a day or two -
only 30 or so show up in v$session). I thought of using a logon trigger but
this isn't available in 7.3.4. I can view the orphaned processes using v
$process (select * from v$process where addr not in (select paddr from v
$session) but don't really know when the session was launched and other
much needed info. Any ideas would be much appreciated - I would love to
upgrade but this is not an option in this case. Is it possible to do a
trace of just the logon so I can get the paddr and reference it back?