Disaster Recover Scenario - a few questions

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Subject: Disaster Recover Scenario - a few questions
Posted by:  Dave (david.be…@gmail.com)
Date: 14 Dec 2004

Hey all,  we are planning a DRP(Diaster Recover Plan) for our critical
apps.  We purchased hardware/support from a 3rd party and in Jan we
will be travelling to their site to do a recovery.  My question is, a
few of our databases are on Solaris and a few are on NT.  On NT I will
have to install the software from scratch.

First let me say that we won't be running on identical hardware...  It
will be able to support the same OS versions we have now (2.8/2.6, etc)
but the hardware will be different.  Will we have any issues starting
up Oracle after an OS restore?  Other than hardware, everything else
will be identical, ie paths, etc.  Patch levels may differ slightly.
I'm 95% confident I can start up Oracle fine in this scenario.. Am I

I remember back in the 7.3 and 8.0 days we'd install Oracle once and
then tar it up so we wouldn't have to install it over and over.
Any comments?