"closing" never ends in v$managed_standby...

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Subject: "closing" never ends in v$managed_standby...
Posted by:  Volker Hetzer (volker.hetz…@ieee.org)
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004

I've set up a data guard configuration (, linux LogXptMode='ASYNC').

Now, on the standby db the archived logs pile up, get applied but of course, at
some time I've got to delete them (rman runs on primary).

So I thought, I do a select min(sequence#) from v$managed_standby where process='ARCH' and sequence#>0
and delete every archived log that has a smaller sequence number than that.

Now, what I found out that, if there's not much activity, one of the two archs keeps closing
a rather old log, even if a couple of hundred others have already been archived by the
other ARCH.

Is this a bug?
Is there a better way to clean up the standby db?

Lots of Greetings and thanks!