Cooked Device with RAC????

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Subject: Cooked Device with RAC????
Posted by:  Pinto Alex (
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004


We are currently analysis porting our oracle 9i database from Windows
(Microsoft Cluster) to Unix (Solaris Cluster).

Due to constraints in our s/w and considering manageability, we might not be
able use RAW devices.

Is it advisable to use cooked devices with Sun Solaris for Oracle 9i RAC
database? (I/O has not been a bottleneck till now :-) )

If we have to use cooked devices, can anyone suggest the list of OEM s/w
that needs to be used?

As I could gather from various web sites, sun cluster s/w does not support
datafiles on cooked devices.

Is Veritas Database edition / advanced cluster the only solution? Or is it
recommended to go with Sun's QFS?

Or, are there any other softwares available?

Thanks in advanced for your feedbacks.

Best Regards,