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Subject: Re: Restricting Database modifications via sqlplus
Posted by:  DA Morgan (damorg…
Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2005

qazmlp wrote:

> [Follow-up does not work properly from 'google' groups at this moment.
> Hence, this may look like a new thread. But, this is just a
> continuouation to previous thread with the same subject)
> That helped!
> After inserting corresponding records in product_user_profile,
> SQL*Plus started reporting errors,whenever user tries to invoke
> prevented commands. That was fine as I wanted. Meanwhile, I noticed
> the following related to entries in product_user_profile tables.
> Whenever I(using sysdba login) try to insert a record in
> product_user_profile, the row is inserted successfully. But, when I
> try to display the records from product_user_profile tables(even after
> commit operation), 'no rows selected' message is reported. Why does
> such a strange behaviour for product_user_profile table? Is this for
> security reasons? Could anybody elaborate on this?

I don't recall ever seeing that happen. Be sure the table is owned by

Daniel A. Morgan
University of Washington
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