Access 2003 ODBC front end for Oracle 9i Database

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Subject: Access 2003 ODBC front end for Oracle 9i Database
Posted by:  jamesnova‚Ķ
Date: 4 Jan 2005

Currently I have the above combination working perfectly. Using a file
DSN (Oracle in Oracle driver) I am connecting to the Oracle 9i server
using MS Access 2003 with linked tables.

Unfortunately, there are so many Oracle Apps in my company of varying
versions and configurations, I am unable to install the 9i client on
some of my Ad-Hoc user's machines. My install works fine, but is
disabling some of the older apps.

I have heard that it is possible to have some DLL's and perhaps the
SQLNET and TNSNAMES files present on the workstation WITHOUT the client
installed and be able to use the Microsoft Oracle ODBC driver to
connect. But my attempts have failed. I am just beginning to learn ODBC
connectivity and how it works.
I also downloaded the 10g "Instant Client", as it sounds like exactly
what I need, but that did not work. Most likely because my database and
listener are 9i.

Can anyone offer me some advice or direction? I am not naive enough to
think that I can get an ODBC connection to Oracle without some software
present, but shouldn't there be some way to have only the necessary
files present so I can connect without messing up older apps?
Thanks in advance...