Recursive results of a n-level hierarchy

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Subject: Recursive results of a n-level hierarchy
Posted by:  bikeratbrown (bikeratbro…
Date: 4 Jan 2005

I need to send a flat representation of our Acct Rep Team and
Management groups to an external app.  This data should be structed in
a way that would allow access to the owned accts in a reporting
environment to all Reps and their Managers.  In other words I need any
level of manager to have rights to all accounts they own and to
accounts where a Rep anywhere below them is that account's Rep.

For example from these two given tables:
Table:  employee
1            null
2            1
3            1
4            3
5            3
6            4
7            5

Table:  account
A            2
B            3
C            4
D            5
E            6
F            7

How would I get this result:
1                A
1                B
1                C
1                D
1                E
1                F
2                A
3                B
3                C
3                D
4                C
4                E
5                D
5                F
6                E
7                F

I thought connect by/start with was my solution but don't see how I can
get the recursive results set desired.  Any help is appreciated!