Need help getting a grant

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Subject: Need help getting a grant
Posted by:  Steven Green (…
Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2005

I need some help to get a training grant.
If you are responsible for hiring Oracle professionals please read on.

I want to become an Oracle DBA and am seeking to take a DBA
certificate program. In order to obtain the grant to pay for the training
I need to show a demand for the skills I want to study.

The department of employment and training provides a
questionnaire that I need to have answered by three companies.

I wouldvery much appreciate if you could take a moment answer the following 7
simple questions related to the Oracle position, it would help me a great

1. What do you see as the labor market demand for this position
(Oracle DBA)?

2. What skills, abilities, and potential qualities are
absolutely essential for a person in this field?

3. What education, previous experience, or training is necessary?

4. What is the salary range?

5. What is your process for recruiting new employees?

6. Do you expect tobe hiring soon?

7. May I contact you when my training is complete?

I also need a company name and contact information for the paperwork.
You can contact me directly be e-mail at:…

I hope you can help and I appreciate the time it takes to answer these questions.
Thanks again,

Steven Green