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Subject: Re: Unable to install patchset
Posted by:  hpuxrac (johnbhurl…
Date: 6 Jan 2005

If the software was really just copied from another server ( sure some
people do operate like that ), I personally would recommend the
reinstall approach if you have enough space available.

Off the top of my head, basic approach should be something like this.
1) Backup oracle software and oracle inventory before you do anything.
Catch anything else outside of oracle directory structure also possibly
affected ( on hpux that would be /var/opt/oracle, /etc/oratab,
/usr/local/bin/*oraenv stuff ).
2) Do the 8.1.7 install to a new home and probably a different
inventory location
3) Do the patching.
3.5) undo any unwanted changes introduced to the miscellaneous files.
4) Shutdown the database clean and get a backup.
5) Copy database somewhere else and test doing the upgrade.
6) Test applications against upgraded clone
7) Plan actual upgrade against real database based on results from all
prior steps

Seems like that would be a working plan to me -- what did I miss



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Unable to install patchset posted by Matthias Hoys on Thu, 6 Jan 2005