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Subject: Re: Unable to install patchset
Posted by:  Dave (
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2005

"Matthias Hoys" <idmwarpzone_NOSPA…> wrote in message
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to upgrade a db running on AIX 4.3.3 to version
> (don't laugh ;-) ).
> The problem is that the OUI doesn't "detect" the installed software and
> always gives me the message "there are no patches that need to be applied"
> ...
> I already did some research :
> - the environment params (ORACLE_HOME, ORACLE_BASE, ...) of the Oracle
> owner : OK
> - /etc/oraInst.loc : OK
> - the binary file OracleHomesList.ser under oraInventory/Contents : NOT OK
> => this doesn't hold a reference to the correct ORACLE_HOME folder !
> I have no idea how the software was installed, but I have the impression
> that it was copied from another server ... So is there any way to add the
> correct ORACLE_HOME dir to the OracleHomesList.ser file ?
> I believe my only other option is to reinstall the Oracle software from
> scratch, but can I do this without having to restore my whole db ?
> Thanks,
> Matthias

I don't know how to fix the inventory, but you can reinstall all of oracle
wthout recovering the db, just shut it down, backup your init.ora,
listener.ora, password file and tnsnames.ora file and any other files
database files which live under oracle home (hopefully none)

then wipe out the software and reinstall, plus the patchset

then startup the database in migrate upgrade or restrict mode (cann ever
remmeber which one - it will be in the patch release notes) then run
catpatch.sql and away ya go


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