Migrating data from SQL Server to Oracle

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Subject: Migrating data from SQL Server to Oracle
Posted by:  JAW (jwilli…@aglresources.com)
Date: 12 Jan 2005

I have done some testing of OMB (Oracle migration Workbench).

Its good for big stuff but I just wish to migrate some tables.

I could use SQL SERVERS DTS to write to Oracle tables and may well do
it. Also, I could save the data to CSV and load via SQL Loader.

However, I would like to crontol it from Oracle client. The Oracle
Database is on UNIX and we don't have any UNIX ODBC drivers so
Heterogenous services don't appear to be a solution.

Is there a way via the Oracle client ODBC driver to configure it to
talk to SQL SERVER which is ODBC compliant using a DB LINK?

Seems like you should. You can do the opposite from SQL SERVER via a