Netbackup RMAN quetsion

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Subject: Netbackup RMAN quetsion
Posted by:  premmehrot…
Date: 16 Jan 2005

I am using Netbackup 4.5 to do RMAN backup for Oracle9i on HP UNIX.
I am on a machine called pqmsp01 but our system administrators have set
CLIENT_NAME in bp.conf as pqmsp01bkp which is another machine.

What exactly CLINE_NAME does, why should CLINET_NAME be different
from name of the machine where Oracle database is installed,

I do not see any errors in backup. Also, U did not see any errors
in restore tests we did a while ago, but I am puzzled
why System Administrators have set different names for CLIENT.

I am having some troubles with alternate restore (which is restoring
database to another machine) but reason for failure could
be something else,