Character set conversions in JDBC

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Subject: Character set conversions in JDBC
Posted by:  Chris O (itoy…
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005

I have preference for having our Oracle 9iR2 database server setup with
  Unicode database character set [ AL32UTF8 or UTF8 ].  Most of the
data will be served up via WWW forms [ ColdFusion MX 6 ].  The database
server will run on Sun / Solaris 9. The ColdFusion server is a Java
program [ J2EE ] and accesses Oracle via JDBC [ thin client I think ].

As I understand it Java stores all strings interally as Unicode [ UCS2 I
think ].

For example, if the database character set is Latin-1 then the JDBC thin
client might convert from Latin-1 -> UCS4 and then from UCS4 -> UCS2.
This would be in line with the regular way Oracle does its conversions.
Alternatively, the JDBC thin client might have specializations that
convert directly from some popular character sets into UCS2.

Does anyone know?