Re: Faking Forms4.5 to 9iR2 DBMS

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Subject: Re: Faking Forms4.5 to 9iR2 DBMS
Posted by:  IANAL_VISTA (IANAL_Vis…
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2005

"ErikYkema" <erik.yke…> wrote in

> Hello,
> I fear this silly, but I see it as an option.
> Our OLTP client application is in Forms4.5/Reports2.5. From Metalink I
> understood that connecting some versions of Forms4.5 to 8i is supported
> (for as long as it lasts).
> Our underlaying DBMS is now being converted from 7.3.4. to 8iR3 - at
> last. But I have read a lot about 9iR2 new features and like to apply
> some of them.
> Upgrading Forms to 6i or 9i is not supported by management since we
> will be purchasing a new release of our OLTP which will bring us a new
> set of 9i Forms - this migration not to be completed before mid 2006.
> I am wondering - would it be possible for the meantime to:
> - convert the OLTP DBMS to 9i
> - have an 8i instance on the same machine
> - create a database link between the two
> - create public synonyms to all relevant 9i objects in the 8i instance
> over the dblink
> And hence access (DML) the 9i objects as being 8i objects from
> Forms4.5? Does Forms access the datadictionary for any lookup etc?
> I also believe that having the dblink over the bequeath protocol is not
> allowed since the dblink communications protocol should be the same as
> the client-server connection protocol (TCP/IP) accessing the link.
> Is there a serious performance penalty in having TCP/IP dblink traffic
> in the same machine. (I know Oracle Warehousebuilder 9i generates
> TCP/IP dblinks between instances on the same server.)
> I am preparing a full test for this scenario, but any input would be
> appreciated.
> Best regards,
> Erik.Yke…

Keep in mind that older versions of SQL*Net (V7 & 8.0) do NOT interoperate
with V9.2!



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