All OracleServiceSIDs not starting

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Subject: All OracleServiceSIDs not starting
Posted by:  steve.morreā€¦
Date: 13 Oct 2005

I got into the office on Monday to find that our server had been
rebooted over the weekend, and none of the OracleServiceSID's were
starting. They were all freezing as "starting". I've tinkered with
every combination of manual/automatic startup and nothing seems to make
a difference. When I try to start any of them manually I get an error
"1053: The service did not respond to the start request in a timely

I've tried connecting through SQLplus and get "ORA-01034: Oracle not
available" on all the <SID>s. I have full control over all the other
services on the server and can start them and stop them quite happily.

This is on a Windows 2000 v5 sp4 machine, with Oracle 8.1.6. I've tried
looking at the <SID>ALRT.log, which seems to be the correct one for
this problem (is it? Is there somewhere else I should be looking?), but
there are no entries in any of them since the last successful startup.

Any help appreciated.