Help: A difficult requests

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Subject: Help: A difficult requests
Posted by:  joe bayer (joebayerii(nospam)
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2005

renaming original table is not acceptable, because it will break some other
If I do this:
In schema A, I have a table A,

In schema B, I did

Create view A as select * from A.A;

Then I create public synonym A form B.A.

Now back to schema A, if I select * from A, will Oracle choose table A, or
synonym A?  How can we control it?

Another question, did anybody have any experience with Oracle Transparent
Encryption in 10G2?  Will that be my saver?

Thanks for your help.

>consider renaming the original table and implementing a view, using the
>original table name, and you have exactly what you want. No
>query_rewrite necessary (and I don't think query_rewrite applies, as
>this was one of the reasons to implement views).
>If the vendor acts like most vendors do, he won't support your firm
>anymore after you have implemented this.
>I'm not sure why people can't think of the need to store creditcard
>numbers encrypted beforehand, and buy a sw package in which this is not

>Sybrand Bakker
>Senior Oracle DBA