Memory faults while freeing OCCI objects

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Subject: Memory faults while freeing OCCI objects
Posted by:  No Such Luck (no_suchlu…
Date: 15 Oct 2005

Hi All:

I have a VS.NET (C++) application that utilizes the OCCI libraries to
interact with an Oracle server. The application functions properly, but
is producing memory faults (Dr. Watson) at random times. I have
narrowed the problem down to 2 OCCI calls within the application:

instance 1: conn->terminateStatement (stmt);
instance 2: env->terminateConnection (conn);

Without getting too specific and providing code, can anyone offer any
high-level possibilities as to why there would be a problem freeing
certain OCCI objects, or maybe what to look for to solve this?

Thanks for any help or direction.