Flashback table/drop: possible until... ?

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Subject: Flashback table/drop: possible until... ?
Posted by:  Spendius (spendi…@muchomail.com)
Date: 21 Oct 2005

Has someone experienced how long a table or a drop table
can be flashbacked without problems once you've made a
mistake ?
Let's you have a table occupying 3 extents:
1/ You delete records in the 2nd extent: for how long
  will you be able to flashback them (and how does
  Oracle know that it can still recover them, is there
  some kind of rows markers for this block somewhere) ?
2/ You drop this table, but don't notice it immediately.
  Then Oracle needs one of these 3 ex-extents (say because
  the file's reached its max. size) for another segment:
  let's say Oracle chooses what was the 3rd extent; then
  you notice you mistakenly dropped this table: can you
  *partly* recover it or is it really too late for the
  whole segment, whatever the number of extent(s) still
  "available" (i.e. not yet occupied by a rival segment) ?

Thanks a lot.