Salary Survey, Accenture ATS "US Solutions Workforce"

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Subject: Salary Survey, Accenture ATS "US Solutions Workforce"
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Date: 24 Oct 2005

Accenture ATS "US Solutions Workforce" Salary Survey #01

To participate in the salary survey you must begin the BODY of the
letter with a code phrase. If the code phrase is absent, the
survey automation will reject the mail.

The code phrase is located on the main page of the Accenture portal
..../Home/USA. View the top white on orange menu.  The second menu
item contains 3 words.  This is the code phrase.

Please include information for as many items below as comfort allows.
The survey is anonymous except that addresses are retained to allow
mailing of survey results. Addresses are not exposed in a group


  grade (programmer ... partner)
  time in grade

other bits of interest

  function/language used
  last raise in %
  review grade was (A, B, C ...)
  main office (Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis ....)

.... and general comments allowed.

mail to  ourSalarySurv…