Question: Safest way to 'recreate' a tablespace

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Subject: Question: Safest way to 'recreate' a tablespace
Posted by:  BD (bobby_dre…
Date: 26 Oct 2005

Hi, all.

I have a situation where a file was added to a tablepace incorrectly.
( on AIX 5.2)

For the purposes of tidiness, I want to remove it. I gather that this
will generally mean either shrinking the unwanted file down to a tiny
size so it will have no effect on the space usage, or re-creating the

I have read options in the group about moving segments, and also about
exporting and importing.

Assuming I want to keep the same tablespace name, I'm kind of thinking
that the best process would be:

-Export tablespace
-Drop tablespace
-Delete unwanted files
-Create tablespace with the correct file allocation
-Import tablespace

Is this still the best/safest route to take?

Comments welcome.